Here comes the rain!

Let’s face it – it is romantic only when it drizzles and not when it pours. Apart from causing insane traffic jams and keeping you holed up at home, rains also wrecks havoc on your skin. From causing bacterial infection in your toes to dissolving your makeup, rains have a way of removing the romance in the air. Here’s our comprehensive guide to braving the rains with the right makeup and skin care.


Wearable makeup when it rains

  • Say no to heavy foundation and moisturizers and yes to a tinted moisturizer. It is lightweight and will give you a seamless coverage along with keeping your skin moisturized.
  • Waterproof everything! From eyeliner to kajal to mascara to blushes, if you can find something in the waterproof range, then apply it.
  • For your lips try using just the lip pencil. Because it is waxy, it stays put during rains along with giving your lips some colour.

Skin care when it pours

  • Wash your face at least twice daily. Use a soap-free cleanser and scrub to weed out the pollutants stuck to your skin and to remove dead skin cells.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash your face, hands and legs.
  • Drink as much water as you can. It flushes out toxins and keeps your skin healthy.
  • Use an overnight moisturizing mask to keep your skin hydrated and look beautiful all the time.
  • Also, get your facials done on time to rejuvenate your skin cells and to keep it supple.

Foot care

  • Do not walk barefoot in the rains. It might lead to bacterial infections. Germs, dirt, fungus and bacteria from outside accumulate on your feet and can lead to infections. Another simple way to keep the feet clean is to dip the feet in water to which Dettol or any other antiseptic is added.
  • As you reach home, wash your feet in warm water and scrub your feet. Post this, apply a foot moisturizer.
  • Keep your nails short this season. There is a chance of fungal infections attacking the skin underneath your nails due to all the dust and dirt.

Protect your mane

  • Use mild shampoos and conditioners for your hair during the rains.
  • Apply warm oil to your hair and leave it on overnight to infuse your mane with moisture.
  • Limit the usage of hairdryer as it strips your hair of essential oils. Instead, opt for a dry towel to remove excess moisture.
  • Don’t comb or tie your hair when it is wet.

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Q&A With Bridal Makeup Artist, Vejetha Anand


Meet Vejetha Anand, a professional bridal makeup artist with a decade’s worth of experience in bridal, photoshoot and runway scene. She is a Bangalore based salon owner and a beautician who has been weaving magic through her makeup brushes. One look at her bridal makeovers and you know what we are saying. As she continues to transform her brides into their best ever avatar, we asked her to impart her knowledge on bridal beauty! Read on to know more.

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Bridal makeovers by Vejetha Anand.

1. How important is it for brides to have a skin care regimen?

Skin care routine is an important aspect, not just for brides, but also for women in general. Our evening skin care routine is critical because that’s when our cells repair and rebuild. We need to make sure we give our skin what it needs to look its best! Here are few essentials that’s a must in the pre wedding beauty care routine for all brides-to-be:
Eye and makeup remover
Eye cream
Lip balm
Body lotion

2. When should a bride start taking extra care of her skin?
The days prior to wedding are the most exhausting and stressful period. The no-flaw-look cannot be obtained magically. The brides need to stay calm, take enough rest and include these beauty rituals as early as possible in their daily routine.

EXERCISE: Physical activity helps in improving blood circulation, which benefits the skin and hair. The brides need to include some physical activity like yoga or running in their schedule.

HYDRATE: Drinking a few liters of water or fresh fruit juices (without sugar) everyday will cleanse and detox the system. This eventually helps the brides to attain that natural glow.

EAT HEALTHY: The brides need to include fruits and salads in their diet. If required, they should take multivitamins and iron supplements.

SUN SCREEN: It is crutial to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The skin damaged by sun looks aged and will have spots.

STAY HAPPY: Your happiness shows on your skin! So, don’t forget to stay happy and smile a lot.

Your wedding is a ‘once in a lifetime’ special occasion. It’s time to look your gorgeous best.

3. Are there any specific facials that you suggest for brides who have dry, oily or combination skin?
No amount of make up can match a healthy glowing skin. Take special care of your skin to get that flawless look. To those who are troubled with acne, oily or dry skin, visiting a dermatologist six months before the wedding would help. Remember, medicines or treatments take time to show results.

Regular visits to a parlour or spa to get rid of dead cells, blackheads and tan are a must to get a perfect groomed look.

There are specific and non-metallic facials for each skin type that we recommend at Swank after personal consultation. Do call us to get a personalized skin care regimen.

4. How can a bride fight against acne, pimples and blemishes?
The first three important steps: CTM (Cleansing, toning and moisturizing)
– Then follow a diet rich in antioxidants
– Keep calm and stress free
– Consume lots of liquids
– Keep your skin squeaky-clean
– After consulting a good dermatologist, start using a mild dermabrasive night cream to get rid of blemishes.

5. Do you recommend any special regimen for hands, legs and nails?
While the face and hair get a lot of attention, many brides ignore their hands and feet. Last minute manicure and pedicure can only offer temporary benefits. But to attain that well groomed look, one needs to start grooming themselves beforehand with manicures, pedicures and indulging in some spa treatments such as massages, body exfoliation and extra nourishment for dry cuticles and brittle nails.

Common beauty mistakes, which cost you your skin

On a day-to-day basis we do so much harm to our facial skin that it will take months to repair it. However, by avoiding some of these common beauty mistakes, you will lead your skin on a road to recovery.


Frequent washing: Too much of anything is good for nothing and this holds good for your face too. Frequently washing your face will strip it off its natural oils and will age your skin. Limit it to twice a day and an extra wash pre or post workout.

Exfoliation: It is the key part of taking care of your skin. It helps in removing dead cells on your face and opens up the pores. However, ignoring or overdoing this step results in irritating your skin and messing up its Ph balance. Exfoliate at least once a week at night for best results.

Harsh cleanser: Swap your soap with a non-soap cleanser or face wash. The soap strips your skin of natural oils while the non-soap cleanser will be gentle on your skin. If you have oily, acne-prone skin then use a face wash with salicylic acid.

Sleeping with your makeup on: Beauty rule 101 – ALWAYS remove makeup before you sleep. Makeup clogs your pores and prevents sebum, the lubricant in our skin that moisturizes skin and removes dead skin cells, from doing its job. Leaving eye makeup on causes infection and irritation.

Hot water: Always use either lukewarm or cold water to wash your face, as they are more gentler. Hot water excessively dries out your skin and strips it off its natural oil.

Overusing facial wipes: Facial wipes are convenient for removing makeup or for a quick cleanse after gym. But don’t swap your cleanser with facial wipes, as they cannot thoroughly clean your pores.

Secrets to an amazing skin

Let’s kick start the new year with amazing skin. Give your creams, facials and cleansers a break and go the au natural way to achieve a flawless skin tone.


Coconut Kefir
We agree that tender coconut is amazing but you have to meet its even amazing counterpart; coconut kefir. Coconut Kefir is nothing but fermented coconut water. But the kefir contains 15 billion CFU of probiotics, which is three times more than yoghurt! The kefir helps clearing your skin by removing the pathogenic microbes, which cause acne and hormonal imbalances. Also, the kefir is naturally sweet so this also helps in curbing sugar cravings.

Black sesame seeds
Wondering how our ancestors had amazing skin? Well they have black sesame seeds to thank for. These amazing seeds are packed with skin beautifying agents such as essential fats, oleic acid, amino acids, potassium, and fiber that it helps in restoring the skin’s radiance and elasticity. So, it is about time we started including these seeds in our everyday meal.

Where do we begin on this amazing root? They reverse dull skin by stimulating the lymphatic system and removing waste from our cells. They increase the oxygen-carrying ability in the blood by 400 percent, bringing brightness and vitality to the skin. They also help reduce the appearance of cellulite by strengthening the dermal skin layer. Let’s start gorging on this amazing root.

Starting your day with hot water and lemon to detoxify your skin is no beauty secret. The beauty of lemon is that it removes fat-soluble toxins and old hormones, which may trigger breakouts and worsen oily skin. It also emulsifies fats, which helps keep skin hydrated. Not to be left out, the lemon rind contains the flavonoid limonoid, which kills bacteria in the mouth and intestines, preventing bacterial-driven acne flare-ups.

Did you know that this red shiny fruit helps in preventing UVA and UVB damage? Along with providing the body with natural SPF, this fruit also helps in reviving dull skin and removing tan!

Diwali skin care tips

The most awaited festival in India is just around the corner and let’s face it, as much joy it brings, it also brings skin woes. So ensure that you prep your skin before Diwali and continue your beauty regimen during and after Diwali to achieve a supple and glowing skin.


Water, water and more water
With all the preparations for the festivities, people tend to forget drinking water. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day as it detoxes your body and gives you a healthy glow. If you want to mix things up, then drink healthy fruit/vegetable juices.

Moisturiser and makeup
Nourish your skin with a moisturizer right after taking bath to restore the lost moisture. Also, use exfoliators to remove dead skin, so that the moisturiser can sink in easily. To protect your skin from dehydrating, use a moisturizer before putting on your foundation. Opt for waterproof mascara, eyeliner and transfer-resistant lipsticks so that the makeup doesn’t smudge and stain. Wash and cleanse your face and rub ice cube for few minutes to lower the sweating so that the makeup stays for longer time. Highlight your eyes with pastel colours. Pink, muted gold and lighter shades of brown are the perfect colours for this festive season. 

Limit your intake of sweets
We know how difficult it is to not eat sweets during the festivals. But you can keep the consumption under control. OD-ing on sugar and fried items will only result in skin breakouts, dull skin and weight gain. 

Protect your skin from firecracker pollution
Most firecrackers have high smoke emissions due to high magnesium and cordite content. These fumes and particulate emissions can settle on your skin and harm it, causing irritant reactions, chemical burns and allergies. Stay at least six to seven feet away from lit fireworks. If you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to tie a cotton scarf or dupatta over your face while lighting or watching a fireworks display. Most importantly, wash your face thoroughly with a mild soap and water immediately afterwards and follow up with a moisturiser. 

Indulge in face packs
Another option is homemade face packs or masks, a natural way to get smooth, supple and glowing skin. Use tomato mask if you have oily skin. Mash up a ripe tomato and leave it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use a banana mask if you have dry skin. Again mash up a ripe banana, add some honey and apply it on your face and neck. Keep it for 15 minutes and rinse with water. If you have combination skin, use honey mask. Apply pure honey on your face and neck. Allow it to set until dry, say, for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.