Here comes the rain!

Let’s face it – it is romantic only when it drizzles and not when it pours. Apart from causing insane traffic jams and keeping you holed up at home, rains also wrecks havoc on your skin. From causing bacterial infection in your toes to dissolving your makeup, rains have a way of removing the romance in the air. Here’s our comprehensive guide to braving the rains with the right makeup and skin care.


Wearable makeup when it rains

  • Say no to heavy foundation and moisturizers and yes to a tinted moisturizer. It is lightweight and will give you a seamless coverage along with keeping your skin moisturized.
  • Waterproof everything! From eyeliner to kajal to mascara to blushes, if you can find something in the waterproof range, then apply it.
  • For your lips try using just the lip pencil. Because it is waxy, it stays put during rains along with giving your lips some colour.

Skin care when it pours

  • Wash your face at least twice daily. Use a soap-free cleanser and scrub to weed out the pollutants stuck to your skin and to remove dead skin cells.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash your face, hands and legs.
  • Drink as much water as you can. It flushes out toxins and keeps your skin healthy.
  • Use an overnight moisturizing mask to keep your skin hydrated and look beautiful all the time.
  • Also, get your facials done on time to rejuvenate your skin cells and to keep it supple.

Foot care

  • Do not walk barefoot in the rains. It might lead to bacterial infections. Germs, dirt, fungus and bacteria from outside accumulate on your feet and can lead to infections. Another simple way to keep the feet clean is to dip the feet in water to which Dettol or any other antiseptic is added.
  • As you reach home, wash your feet in warm water and scrub your feet. Post this, apply a foot moisturizer.
  • Keep your nails short this season. There is a chance of fungal infections attacking the skin underneath your nails due to all the dust and dirt.

Protect your mane

  • Use mild shampoos and conditioners for your hair during the rains.
  • Apply warm oil to your hair and leave it on overnight to infuse your mane with moisture.
  • Limit the usage of hairdryer as it strips your hair of essential oils. Instead, opt for a dry towel to remove excess moisture.
  • Don’t comb or tie your hair when it is wet.

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Protect your skin and hair, this Holi

It’s the season of colours, bhang and masti. But it also reminds us of the havoc it wrecks on our skin and hair. Don’t worry as we have got you covered! With our skin and hair care tips; you will surely have a happy Holi.


Pre-Holi skin and hair care:

a) Toner to the rescue
Start off by using a toner to close your skin pores as it helps in reducing the damage on your skin.

b) Sun proof your skin
Make sure that you apply sunscreen generously before you go out to play Holi. As you will stay outdoors for longer, the sunscreen will protect your skin from damage.

c) Oil is your best friend!
Before you go out ensure that you have lathered either coconut or olive oil on your hair, face, hands and legs. The oils will protect your hair and skin from damage by harmful chemicals, while it also makes it easier to remove the colours.

d) Nail it!
Protect your finger and toe nails from the harsh colours by applying a nail polish (preferably transparent nail polish).

e) Save your pout
Protect your lips by using a good lip gloss/lip balm.

f) Forgo your makeup
DO NOT apply makeup when you go out to play Holi. Chances of allergic reactions are high due to the combination of chemicals in cosmetics and the Holi colours.

g) Holi attire
Wear full sleeved-cotton clothes. Avoid denims. You may feel heavy once drenched in the coloured water. Cotton shorts or pants are perfect wear.

Post-Holi skin and hair care:

a) Stay away from the sun!
After playing Holi, stay away from direct sunlight as your skin and hair is covered in chemicals. If you stay in the sun, then the colours get dry and it becomes increasingly difficult to wash them off.

b) Rinse repeatedly
Before applying your shampoo/body wash, rinse off the colours from your body repeatedly. Do no use a body scrub; instead use a loofah and a mild body wash for your skin. Always follow up with a conditioner for your hair.

c) Oil to the rescue, again
If the colours are being stubborn to remove, then apply generous amounts of oil on that area. This will help wash off the colours easily.

d) Moisturise it
Remember to apply a moisturiser all over your body to replenish the lost moisture from it. The moisturiser also helps in lightening colours that are still stuck on your skin.

e) Bring back the ph-balance
To bring back the ph-balance of your skin, go for a rejuvenating face mask. This helps in restoring the moisture and will replenish your skin.

Winter skin care tips

The season of skin woes are soon approaching and this time don’t let the winter from robbing your fab skin. Here are a few winter skin care tips which will help you get rid of flaky, dry and chapped skin.


Ditch the soap!
Soaps have only one mode to them –extra clean, which results in dryness as it robs the essential oils from the skin. Just swap your soap with cleansers/creamy face washes. The cleansers do not wreak havoc on your skin like soap does. They gently remove dirt and excessive oils. And if you are big on exfoliation, then use a mild exfoliator during winters. Your face will thank you for this.

Say no to hot water
We know that in winter it is difficult to push yourself to take bath and when you do you love the extra hot mode. But this only creates problems to your skin. It is a fact that hot water doesn’t give moisture to your body. It takes away the protecting lipids and fat layers; as a result your skin feels dry and dehydrated. So wash with lukewarm water early in the morning. It will awaken your skin and keeps it fresh.

Moisturiser is the key
Right after bath, quench your facial skin’s thirst with the moisturiser that’s right for your skin. Don’t use water based moisturiser as it might dry up quickly when you go out. Instead use oil based moisturisers.

Get smoother hands & legs
Once you step out of the shower, make sure you pat-dry your skin and apply a rich moisturiser or body butter within the first three minutes. This helps to really lock in the moisture. Some parts of your body may require extra maintenance – specifically, your knees, feet and elbows. Apply petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, or coconut oil to these places. This will help give you that extra hydration.

Additionally, your feet will benefit from foot cream, which will hydrate your feet while you sleep. If the skin is really dry and rough, look for a lotion with salicylic acid, which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Don’t forget the sunscreen
Just because it is winter, it does not mean that you can stowaway your sunscreens. Sun will still shine bright and the UV rays still have the power to damage your skin! So, wear a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more after you moisturise your skin.

Lip balms to the rescue
Chapped lips are a pain and you should resist the urge to lick your lips as this only worsens the case. Instead, use a lip exfoliator or soft toothbrush to remove the dry skin and then apply lip balm generously. Ideally, use a lip balm that as SPF 15+ component and tea tree oil, which can heal painful cracks and chapping. Don’t forget to use lip balm generously throughout the day.

‘Hand’le with care
Your hands are more exposed to cold air and water than any other part of your body. This causes them to be dry, chapped and red. Take care not to over wash your hands. Use lukewarm water when you have to and apply a hand lotion immediately afterwards.

Also check out this cool infographic which we found on Pinterest

Diwali skin care tips

The most awaited festival in India is just around the corner and let’s face it, as much joy it brings, it also brings skin woes. So ensure that you prep your skin before Diwali and continue your beauty regimen during and after Diwali to achieve a supple and glowing skin.


Water, water and more water
With all the preparations for the festivities, people tend to forget drinking water. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day as it detoxes your body and gives you a healthy glow. If you want to mix things up, then drink healthy fruit/vegetable juices.

Moisturiser and makeup
Nourish your skin with a moisturizer right after taking bath to restore the lost moisture. Also, use exfoliators to remove dead skin, so that the moisturiser can sink in easily. To protect your skin from dehydrating, use a moisturizer before putting on your foundation. Opt for waterproof mascara, eyeliner and transfer-resistant lipsticks so that the makeup doesn’t smudge and stain. Wash and cleanse your face and rub ice cube for few minutes to lower the sweating so that the makeup stays for longer time. Highlight your eyes with pastel colours. Pink, muted gold and lighter shades of brown are the perfect colours for this festive season. 

Limit your intake of sweets
We know how difficult it is to not eat sweets during the festivals. But you can keep the consumption under control. OD-ing on sugar and fried items will only result in skin breakouts, dull skin and weight gain. 

Protect your skin from firecracker pollution
Most firecrackers have high smoke emissions due to high magnesium and cordite content. These fumes and particulate emissions can settle on your skin and harm it, causing irritant reactions, chemical burns and allergies. Stay at least six to seven feet away from lit fireworks. If you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to tie a cotton scarf or dupatta over your face while lighting or watching a fireworks display. Most importantly, wash your face thoroughly with a mild soap and water immediately afterwards and follow up with a moisturiser. 

Indulge in face packs
Another option is homemade face packs or masks, a natural way to get smooth, supple and glowing skin. Use tomato mask if you have oily skin. Mash up a ripe tomato and leave it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use a banana mask if you have dry skin. Again mash up a ripe banana, add some honey and apply it on your face and neck. Keep it for 15 minutes and rinse with water. If you have combination skin, use honey mask. Apply pure honey on your face and neck. Allow it to set until dry, say, for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.